App guides medical decision on low-dose aspirin use

App guides medical decision on low-dose aspirin use

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A new smartphone app promises to help clinicians make informed decisions concerning low-dose aspirin treatment for primary stroke prevention.
19 Jul 2016 - General
That's great news. At least that is something to add to our numerous cheat sheets. Although I think in clinical practice, there should be a fine balance between using these applications or the internet in genera,l and relying on our inherent acumen in clinical decision making. Overutilization of these applications, as what Jennifer said, may dumb you down. Its not bad to use these apps for a guide, but we should also be knowledgeable and skilled to perform decision making tasks in the absenc...
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oh that new age saying "there is an app for that" is just priceless. Thank you developers for making our lives easier. Though they say technology dumbs you down that really just depends on you and we should not blame technology for that. I used to make use of an app back in clerkship to determine AOG when I needed the answer immediately. It is good to have something help you make you do your work more efficiently but it is good to do it manually as well as we cannot rely everything on ...
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Any new mechanism by which your decision making is quick and accurate will be welcomed by the medical community, Apps and internet over the mobile has made our life easy and fast. No excuse can be made for ignorance of a condition when the information is easily available at your fingertips,
We have been using some apps for prognostication of breast cancer, additional benefit or risk of chemotherapy and hormonal therapy. When a patient is made aware of these apps, the confidence in the physic...
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Nice. Really great but make sure we do not do it right in front of the patient. However , I doubt any doctor in the primary care will actively ask the patient about taking prophylactic aspirin since unfortunately, insurance has taken over a lot of the medical coverage. Once you make a claim for aspirin, they will starting asking the reason for aspirin and it is unlikely they will provide coverage. I have a few medical apps now. One to help me calculate the 10 year CVD risk, one for unit conversi...
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Now, there is an app for everything. There are a lot of great medical related smartphone app around. I would say this new smartphone app for aspirin treatment for cardiovascular prevention is quite a good tool for the healthcare professionals, as well as for the patients. This can help us calculate the 10 years cardiovascular disease risk score and show it and explain to the patients. And patient can be informed with regards the concept of number needed to treat. Hence, patient s will be able t...
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