Non-prescription remedies to help you get a restful sleep

Non-prescription remedies to help you get a restful sleep

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Sleep is a necessity to soothe and restore tired bodies. However, with the demands of daily living and our urge to accomplish as many things as possible within a day, we often delay sleep or spend less time sleeping than what our bodies really need. And when the time comes that we want to sleep, we have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.
19 Jul 2016 - General
Sleep hygiene! :)

Additional sleep hygiene to remember, exercise in the morning. Like the ones that'll make you tired by the end of the day. Do not do anything else, beside sleeping, in the bed (no tv, no texting, resting without the intention of sleeping, etc.), turn off the lights, keep the room cold or at least in a comfortable temp., eat before sleeping which could help you feel sleepy. :)

I know one psychiatrist who prescribes Hydroxyzine for people who has sleep onset...
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What I always tell patients, friends and family who have trouble sleeping is to practice good sleep hygiene. Our beds are meant for sleeping not for anything else (you know what I mean). Do not play on your cellphone/tablet, watch television, work or any of the sort. Condition your mind that when you are in bed you are meant to sleep. Our brain is smart and is hard to trick but when we set the mood it will fall asleep. I too avoid prescribing medications like what Marinelle has mentioned about l...
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Generally, I refrain from prescribing medications to induce sleep because I don’t think it helps in the long run and more importantly, because of its abuse potential. Say for example a person becomes reliant on anti-histamines for sleeping, there will come a time that it will no longer be as effective because of tolerance. The tendency is to look for a stronger medication that can induce sleep such as benzodiazepines etc. Again, the same thing happens, a person develops tolerance and the problem...
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Sleeping is an issue for many patient especially workers on rotating shift work. A few aspect of sleep hygiene the article did not touch on include 1) Using the bed exclusively for sleeping 2) Rotating shift work should always move in a forward direction and not backward 3) Lying on the patient only when sleeping 4) Sleeping and waking at the same time every single day 4) Doing a light exercise few hours before going to bed 5) Avoid caffeinated drink at night. The article mentioned about drinkin...
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Some would say that sleep is for the weak. But as healthcare providers, we tend to deprive ourselves with the rest that our body deserves. I am sometimes having a hard time sleeping due to delaying my bodys need of sleep. However I never tried taking these medication that can induce sleep. Taking a warm bath sometimes before going to bed along with warm music will be a great help. One of my colleague tried to have an experiment of taking 1 and 1/4 pill of rivotril if it really helps. She felt wi...
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