More animals contribute to diagnosis, treatment of human diseases

More animals contribute to diagnosis, treatment of human diseases

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Here are two animals with abilities that can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of human health conditions: cancer-diagnosing pigeons and cows with their healing saliva.
20 Jul 2016 - General
The use of animals to help treatment of illness has already been known and documented back in Ancient China. Hua Tuo, who is one of the most famous physician during the Three Kingdome Period (end of Han Dynasty) has been well-known to observe animals in providing treatments for people. There was once where he encountered an outbreak of gastroenteritis secondary to seafood and when he saw an otter who nearby a river bank who fed on some fish nearby and appeared to be very sick, after awhile got b...
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Who know is 10 years time, we will be ordering a P-scan ( Pigeon scan ) for cancer. Maybe we can train all the zoo animals in diagnosing different diseases. A walk in the zoo will come with a health report at the end stating the suspect diseases base on the animal reaction to your proximity. Insurance company may start sending client to get a zoo-scan to ensure their client has a clean bill of health. It is a wonder to note that as we make advances in technology, we will seek break through in pr...
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It is very interesting that the discovery of more animals for medical usage. Proper trained pigeons can accurately differentiate cancerous breast tissue and healthy breast tissue !!! And a trained dog can detect cancer, blood sugar level and seizure attacks!!!! But, with all the modern and sophisticated medical devices around to accurately diagnose the medical condition/.disease, do we still need to explore the option of using animals for those purpose??? But the fact that cow’s saliva has antib...
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