Stressed? Think of cute animals!

Stressed? Think of cute animals!

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People going through feelings of rejection and other social distress need only to think of cute, adorable animals to relieve them of stress, according to a study.
20 Jul 2016 - General
I think there's some truth to this especially for animal lovers like me. Like everyone who commented, I also feel relaxed after watching funny and cute animal videos. I think this happens because we remember positive associations from our previous experiences through watching videos, and this can trigger a change in mood. Its similar to looking at a photo of your child or spouse (assuming you have a good relationship with them) when you are stressed and somehow it makes you feel better. I...
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Animals have helped me to get through some rough times of my life too. I have a pet dog at home. No matter how tired and stressed out I am when I get home, he's just freaking happy to see me and starts rolling at my feet and jump on my lap. You just can't be unhappy when a dog does that to you, can you? I have an album of pictures of animals in my computer. I look at them when I'm bored or feeling down, and it is really helpful to get over your worries. It maybe a temporary distracti...
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Use of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) as an adjunct treatment approach in psychiatric settings has received much attention in literature. Animal-assisted therapy was associated with reduced state anxiety levels for hospitalized patients with a variety of psychiatric diagnoses, while a routine therapeutic recreation session was associated with reduced levels only for patients with mood disorders. Dogs are the most gentle animal in the world and they can make a big difference to ones life. Watching...
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It is interesting to show that thinking of adorable little animal can be beneficial in helping people to de-stress when they are going through stressful events in life like feeling of rejection, social pain and distress. The de-stressing effect of animals was again shown in a study in Virginia Commonwealth University, that students joining the therapy dogs will have lower stress scores. It seem like the process of “thinking about cute adorable little animal” or “possibly having the company of t...
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