Tips to healthier food!

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20 Jul 2016 - General

Load Up on Fruits & Vegetables

Simply upping your consumption of fruits and vegetables, foods packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, helps to lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Not to mention all the other benefits: for example, beta carotene in carrots and sweet potatoes helps keep your eyes, bones and immune system healthy, and lycopene in tomatoes, watermelon and pink grapefruit may help protect against prostate and breast cancers

Make the Most of Meats

Protein is essential for our bodies. It’s a component of every cell in our body, it helps us build and repair tissues and gives us energy. The foods highest in protein, such as beef, chicken and seafood, often are at the heart of a meal. And that’s where they should be, at the heart of it, not the whole meal. 

Serve More Seafood

Seafood is a good lean source of protein. And many fish, especially fatty fish like salmon, tuna and sardines, have something that’s hard to get from other foods: omega-3 fatty acids and specifically DHA and EPA, healthy fats that have been linked to improving everything from heart health to brain functioning to depression.

Go for Good Fats

Not all fat is bad, like the unsaturated fat in olive oil and canola, may actually help reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol, which in turn may help to lower your risk of heart disease. But regardless of what kind of fat you use in a recipe, use all fats in moderation because they are high in calories. There are plenty of ways to make cooking with less fat easy and tasty. For instance, make sure you have a set of nonstick or cast-iron skillets so you can cook with teaspoons of oil rather than tablespoons. 

For this post, it is meant for self prepared food at home. I think most people who are health conscious and understand this post would probably be one of those who prepares their food at home. (thanks to Dr Amit) These are simple steps to stay healthy. It would be very blunt for me to say that all food prepared in restaurants are unhealthy and given assurance based on trust. But there are other options for you to choose from when you eat out. There are many healthy choices outlet and franchises ...
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There was a post some time ago about the increasing trend of eating out. This trend is mostly seen in the young working generation and it is catching up in India too. Gone are the days when people used to carry their lunch boxes from home to work. The food cooked in the restaurants or canteens at workplaces must be made attractive to the consumer and hence, a lot of unhealthy ingredients will find their way in the food.
The point I want to make is that although one can learn enough about the...
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