Compression tights VS old fashion exercise outfit

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20 Jul 2016 - General

Compression clothing, most often made of a blend of spandex and nylon and engineered to be stretchable while maintaining a specific structure, has been used in the medical field for years. The garments apply pressure to the desired body part, compressing the tissue and helping to promote blood flow and prevent edema

Stockings were made so there is more pressure lower [on the leg], and less farther up. So now if the garments increase blood flow, maybe they could help athletes perform better.

Is that so?

Our muscles need oxygen in order to perform. They get that oxygen via our blood flow. So, in theory, increase blood flow equals increase oxygen equals better athletic performance… right?

In other words, there’s no clear verdict. Compression gear is probably fine to try as long as it isn’t too restricting or limiting in your range of motion. However, in the quest to become a better athlete nothing replaces hard work and effort, the old fashion way.

What is your take on this? Give me your input.

Yes it could be used to for medical treatment for this instance but what is your opinion on what it's other benefits other then looking good at the same time? Do you think it is an overpriced compression body sock just to prevent these medical conditions? Why not we buy the traditional compression socks that are priced well below $20. Would you be willing to pay $100 for the brand and look that you would get out of it? Given the fact that it could prevent medical condition and increase blood...
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I've used compression garments for running but yeah, I only have 1 pair (and it was gifted to me). I'm really just fine with the ordinary leggings that you buy in department stores, as long as they fit well. Mostly I concentrate on the footwear and the sport bra more than anything else. Anyway, I do not think compression garments are supposed to improve blood flow, I think they're much too tight to even do that. But I agree with Amit, it may be good for deep vein thrombosis and varic...
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That is a real cute picture of a horse in compression garment btw. :) Being a runner I would try out different things and tried out compression garment. The first pair seemed like fakes as they felt like regular sleeves except they were for my legs. Then came my second pair which I used for a half marathon. 3 kilometers in my leg, as I only used one, began getting pins and needles, went numb and began to cramp. I was able to roll it down to restore blood flow and never used it again. I probably ...
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I don't agree that compression dressing will improve blood flow to the extent of improving or potentiating muscle performance and oxygen delivery to muscle. A compression garment worn in the lower limb will improve venous drainage of the limb by compressing the venous sinuses in the muscles. That should probably have little or no bearing on the muscle blood flow. So if you are thinking that a garment will act like a performance enhancer, I don't think it would be entirely accurate. A co...
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