Beware! Cheap breast enhancements are dangerous

Beware! Cheap breast enhancements are dangerous

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Not all breast implants are created equal. And Dennie Lees knows that first hand after her implants became infected and exploded not once, but twice. She had undergone two procedures in Belgium, supposedly because it was cheaper, but ended up with a horrible experience instead.
20 Jul 2016 - General
With any major surgery there is always risk involved and rare complications can occur in any surgery. Finding a great doctor is key. I see so many advertisements for breast implant surgeries that come at a discounted rate or have a coupon! Surgery like this should not be cheap. You get what you pay for which is why we have shows like Botched to fix poorly done surgeries. Everyone's surgical experience is different. Telling everyone to not get breast implants is so near sighted. Yes in the pa...
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Now this is just like my DIY braces post. It's really sad when people are willing to put themselves at risk just to look better (in whatever standard they have set for themselves). What's even sadder about this is that they are desperate to "look better", they do not mind if the method is questionable. It's affordable, so they delight that it's an OPEN DOOR to their dream, and then it backfires.

It's normal, I think, to want to look better because ultimate...
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I have doubts whether the one who performed the surgery is a fully trained Plastic surgeon. First of all, 800 ml of implants per breast is too much, even for Western standards. This can give rise to serious back issues because of the added weight that the spine has to bear. Can you imagine an added 1,600ml on your chest? Not only it is heavy but it is cosmetically disproportionate and deforming. Lastly, putting in a new implant for an inadequately treated periprosthetic infection increases the c...
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I am very surprised how some ladies desires a better body contour and dimension so much yet risk potentially disfiguring risky cosmetic procedure and unreliable breast implants. Breast implant obscure mammogram and breast ultrasound finding rendering breast cancer screening or diagnosis difficult. Not only that , unreliable breast implant may render breast feeding risky for the baby. I remember this lady who came to me requesting me to inject filler she bought online from China. It is totally as...
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Nowadays, there's a lot of innovation and discoveries on how to enhance our physical appearance. Most of the people in todays era are conscious with their health specifically on how they look, how sexy their body can be, to have younger looking skin and even enlargement of their breasts. This story has highlighted the importance of being cautious on what kind of treatment or to whom we do entrust ourselves. According to a survey which I've read across the web, Filipinas has the smallest ...
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