Getting over jetlag

Getting over jetlag

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Travelling across time zones at a rapid pace can cause jet lag – a disruption in the person’s body clock – which can result to a group of symptoms not limited to lethargy, nausea, tiredness and achiness. Here are some tips to prevent or relieve the symptoms.
21 Jul 2016 - General
Adjusting time zones before you leave rather messes up normal life and staying on home time once you arrive tends to defeat the purpose of the trip. It is worth remembering that as well as the difficulty of adjusting time-zones the discomfort of travel can leave you sleep-deprived to start with. Some experience based on many long haul trips: Adjust to local time ASAP, stay awake as long as possible (if you must sleep, do so in the morning and set an alarm for 1pm or so). Get a good sleep on your...
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I always make sure I reach my destination during night time and avoid sleeping on the place. This will ensure I am totally worn out and able to fall asleep immediately during night time at my destination. However, an important consideration is you waste a day of hotel fee. Upon returning home from a long haul flight, it is extremely important to resist any attempt to sleep in the day time as it will totally ruin you readjustment. It is indeed terrible to fly from east to west and not a bad as f...
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Everybody loves traveling and one of the challenges of making long hours of riding a plane is Jetlag. The common symptoms that a person possess having this are lethargy, nausea and tiredness. The article has a great emphasis on tips how to avoid having so. Never thought that fasting for 16 hours will help one to avoid it. Taking sleeping pills won't help me avoid jet lag too because effect of the pills differ from each person. This might only aggravate your condition and instead of putting ...
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