2016 MIMS Career Survey (Malaysia) - Executive Summary

2016 MIMS Career Survey (Malaysia) - Executive Summary

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2016 MIMS Career Survey (Malaysia)
21 Jul 2016 - General
This is an interesting survey looking at the job satisfaction level among the all the healthcare professionals including doctor, nurse, pharmacist, and other relevant allied professionals It seem like allied healthcare professionals have the highest job satisfaction, follow by pharmacists, doctors and nurse. It is surprising that nurses cohort was having such a low level of job satisfaction. But, we must know that only small amount of 5.8% (around 41) nurses did involve in this survey. Ther...
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We should have a similar mims survey in Singapore as well. Make it anonymous and we may get interesting results. In general healthcare workers nowadays are overworked and underpaid, especially with the increase of demanding patients and more
complex diseases results in much more challenges. Realised that the career advancement prospects is also limited with saturated positions available for promotion. Especially there is a huge demand in nursing and a large amount of nurses are leaving the j...
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These are significant evidence indicating the existence of a worldwide shortage of healthcare professionals. The problem is more severe in middle and low-income countries, and Malaysia is no exception. The shortage in developed countries further impacts the global shortage through active recruitment of overseas-trained healthcare professionals from developing to developed countries. This complex global problem demands a comprehensive policy driver that provides a prudent harmonization of health ...
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