MIMS Career Survey (SG Results) - Executive Summary

MIMS Career Survey (SG Results) - Executive Summary

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MIMS conducted our first annual career survey amongst healthcare professionals in Singapore this year. The study, aimed to understand the satisfaction levels of healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other relevant allied professionals, with their careers, in order to improve the efficacy of the Singapore healthcare industry as a whole.
21 Jul 2016 - General
Hi Eileen, apologies for the late reply as I was ill for the couple of days. In the past, once you are a trainee, you are guaranteed a job in the hospital for good.
The truth is that ever since the beginning of Residency, we do see the increasing number of trainees having no jobs left. Once the trainees complete the residency, they are not offered a guaranteed job in the institution as the consultant positions are already filled. Doctors stay in the government sectors wanting to become spec...
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Thanks for the survey Eileen. It is really SPOT ON. I really feel sorry for the nurses. Most of them are really hardworking and nice people. Despite being loaded with work, they are often under appreciated by the doctors and patients.
I think Chih Chiang means, for one to get promoted to a senior training position , another senior doctor has to relinquish his post. Same thing during my time. A lot of registrar stayed a registrar for years for lack of job opening for associate consultant. ...
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Great, thank you Eileen for the post. It is pretty obvious that in Singapore the nurses are the least happy with working due to the amount of workload as well as being poorly appreciated. Nursing administration should try to increase the standards of nurses to relief the duties of junior doctors and upgrade many into advance practice nurses to allow better job prospects. Government should focus more on upgrading the standard of training for nurses and empower them more with responsibilities. Doc...
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