8 Ways to De-Wrinkle Your Clothing Without an Iron | Reader's Digest

8 Ways to De-Wrinkle Your Clothing Without an Iron | Reader's Digest

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Don't have an iron? These tips will help you out in a pinch!
21 Jul 2016 - General
If you need to go overseas or travel, you can make more space and have fewer wrinkles by rolling it instead of folding it. If you have an iron, but only have time to iron one thing, make it the collar. It's too close to your face to ignore. People will be sure to see the wrinkles. Don't use stretching methods too much, otherwise your clothes will stretch out. When traveling, unpack tomorrow's clothes straight to the towel hangers in the shower area for 'automatic' touch ups ...
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I have this spray I use: "Grandma's Secret Wrinkle Remover" and it's an amazing thing. Of course it does not and will not take the place of ironing cus I don't think you can spray your entire clothing (that's funny) but if you are with like a small "hanger bump" or crease on any part of your shirt, skirt or plants, you just have to spray "Grandpa Secret Wrinkle Remover" and the fabric suddenly relaxes. Nowadays, I am very particular with my choice of...
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This article is helpful especially when travelling. However, I think it is only applicable to lightly wrinkled clothes. @Jennifer: you made me laugh with the iron deficiency comment. :D Also, as for the Downy Wrinkle Releaser, I might have to look for that same product here. It sounds handy.

Reading at the first way to de wrinkle your clothing, I remembered when my older brother and sister were doing these as they were too lazy to use an iron. After doing it several times, our hairdrye...
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Initially I misread the article as 8 Ways to De-wrinkle your face without an Iron. This is a medical site afterall so I can be excused for that.
I am lucky to have a wife who iron my clothes. She is the best! I agree Downy is perfect for difficult wrinkle. The tip about hanging the clothes in the shower while having a hot shower sounds really good. Maybe I will do the experiment tonight. I have a sauna downstairs so maybe I can on the sauna and hang on my clothes inside. Coolz. By the way, i...
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When you see a person with crumpled clothes our clinical eye immediately tells us that this person has "Iron Deficiency". haha Kidding aside when I am in a rush and don't want to spend the time having to iron one item of clothing (seeing as that is also a waste of electricity) I make use of Downy Wrinkle Releaser. Not sure if this comes in any other brand but the one that I have found and use is Downy. You just spray this on your clothes, smoothen out the wrinkles with your hands a...
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Ironing clothes in the morning has been the part I hate the most about getting ready on a work day morning. I hated that as a kid and I still hate it. I always think to myself, technology has come a long way from the light bulb to smart-homes where everything in your home is centrally controlled, but we still have to run an iron over our clothes the old fashioned way to get the wrinkles out. I came across this article that describes several alternatives to ironing clothes. I don't know how w...
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