We might witness a lunar landing in our lifetime

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21 Jul 2016 - General

As a kid I was so in love with the moon, star and the sun. I used to stare at the night sky for hours. As soon as I could read, I read stories about planet and distant starts and  constellations. I was fascinated to hear the fact that a man landed on the moon an at the same time I felt bad for not being able to witness it when the first man walked on moon. According to this news article, we might be able to see a lunar landing again as "American companies have pitched a series of new plans that would see the country finally return to the lunar surface... this time, alongside the Russians."

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@ Jennifer. Actually I recalled the bone density statement came from a movie or drama I watched. There are just so many sci fi movies and dramas. I cannot remember which is it. It is about the human race which has expanded into 3 colonies: Earth, Mars and Asteroids. Those working on the asteroids are the poor miners who mine them for minerals before delivering back to earth. These asteroid inhabitants are tall beings with long limbs. There was a mention that those who were born on the asteroids...
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How exciting! I was a little science nerd as a child and found space exploration fascinating. I would sometimes pretend to land on the moon and shout out the famous line "That's one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind!" When they started making documentaries about how the first landing on the moon was hoax as the flag they planted on the moon was waving the wind that shouldn't exist my whole world crumbled. I still choose to believe that we landed on the moon but ...
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You should have gone to NASA website and read about the criteria to become an astronaut with NASA. You could have fulfilled your dream of "this is a small step for me but another giant leap for man". It is surprising to see the American working with the Russian in space despite all their differences on Earth. Hopefully we can build a new colony on the moon where all race and religion can live peacefully. However once you live too long on Moon, you may never be able to return to Earth s...
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