The Unexplored Brain: Nearly 100 Uncharted Areas Revealed

The Unexplored Brain: Nearly 100 Uncharted Areas Revealed

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A new study in the journal Nature describes nearly 100 new "areas" of the brain that were previously uncharted.
21 Jul 2016 - General
These new insights and tools should help to explain how our cortex evolved and the roles of its specialized areas in health and disease, and could eventually hold promise for unprecedented precision in brain surgery and clinical workups.An authoritative map of the modules that make up the cerebral cortex of the human brain promises to act as a springboard for greater understanding of brain function and disease,It is now up to researchers to use the anatomical framework provided, compare it with ...
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This is good news for the neuroscience world! Although for a resident, I'm just scratching my head because this means more 3D relationships to memorize and correlate. I hope these researchers can correlate the function of these newly identified brodmann areas with functional MRI and real-time awake cortical stimulation. From what I have observed, there is a discrepancy in using both. For awake surgeries, cortical stimulation is more specific. However for the usual surgeries we would have to ...
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