When bad news gets to be too much

When bad news gets to be too much

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A constant churn of harrowing news is physically and psychologically unhealthy, and you don't need to be directly involved in a tragedy to feel its effects, experts say.
21 Jul 2016 - General
Thank you for all the insights. I guess we should all strive to strike a balance between being knowledgeable about current events and getting stressed about it. Stress occurs when fear overrules our ability to adapt and cope. Fear from knowing too much is different from fear that strives from ignorance. I think the former is better than the latter. So the solution to this is to know one's personal tolerance to these events and realize that these events are being publicized for us to be aware...
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I partly agree with this article. I admit to being a news junkie and to having quite a short attention span. I also admit to being distracted whilst on the Internet and 1 hour later forgetting the important thing I had to do on the net.
However, I feel that I can still read books without problems and do other things.
I do feel that I need news because ignorance is not bliss. You need to be aware that there is a world outside a bubble. You just need to be selective and see the bigger pict...
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"You don't have to watch" it said. I guess at a certain degree you can avoid it, but you cannot really deny what's happening around. Actually it may be hard to avoid it too. At the most, you have to make yourself aware. It is actually exhausting... when I read or hear another tragedy, I double check if I heard right, to make sure it's not old news and true enough it is in a NEW LOCATION, DIFFERENT VICTIMS, SAME VIOLENCE. It is frustrating--how much more of this, before they...
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It is good to be updated and be connected to the world but nowadays, all we see are violence here and there.
As for me, I don't normally watch news on television but I see updates on my news feeds and hear news from the radio.
Like for example, the one that just happened in France, I saw it in my feeds than an attack happened. I knew there was an attack but I didn't read any further or researched on it any further. I discussed it with a friend and asked about it, that way the i...
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I agree with this article. Inundated with apocalyptic forecast of global warming, massacre by terrorists, prevalence of antibiotics resistant bugs, rising income gap, South China Sea struggle, Europe refugee crisis, Venezuela economic crisis, North Korea missile test, Turkey failed coup d etat, internet love scam etc , one cannot but have a sense of foreboding and pessimism. I deal with it by deleting all the news app on my Iphone which keeps updating me on world crisis on after another. I will ...
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I am a thinker as well and I tend to over think things. Especially now with all the extra-judicial killings I am scared. I fear for my family, friends and basically the lives of everyone else as what is going on is just wrong. I would like to lock myself in my imaginative mind but blocking out reality is not the answer. I would run to free my mind. Music in my ears, eyes focused on the track, sweat trickling and the gusts of wind blowing against my skin helps immensely but that is just temporary...
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This is a very timely article these days. I actually hate watching the news because it makes me feel that the world is unsafe and people are cruel. However, isolation and denial are not the cure for this, so lately I've been watching late night news and updating myself on online news platforms. So when I encounter news that is really depressing, I cope by rationalizing and then I listen to relaxing music after or I watch nice videos that I like to deviate my attention. I'm also selective...
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