Filipino workforce in NZ, most preferred

Filipino workforce in NZ, most preferred

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The demand for healthcare workers in New Zealand continues to grow, and Filipinos are among the most preferred practitioners for their “innate hospitality to patients.”
21 Jul 2016 - General
The Philippines is essentially an English Speaking country albeit it is the second language. Education in the Philippines delivered in English, all street signage is in English and some of newspapers are in English. The reason for preferring Filipinos is that apart from being skilled, and adaptable, they fit into the workplaces and in the communities extremely as well, and are very accustomed to working away. Nearly 1 in 10 Filipino families have a member working abroad. Sure there is going to b...
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There are many Filipinos working in Singapore as well. Long ago, we have a lot of Filipinos domestic workers but now, we are seeing a lot of Filipinos professionals, executives and business man/woman in Singapore. My previous hospital department has got 1 Filipinos doctor, many Filipinos nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians and administrators. I will say Singapore depends very heavily on Filipinos workforce. We prefer Filipinos workforce due to their linguistic ability and established tra...
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Articles like this make me proud to be a Filipino. It is not just in New Zealand that Filipinos are preferred to be part of the healthcare practitioners as it is the same in our country. Aside from employers, I hear our patients telling nice stories about a Filipino nurse who used to looked after them. I'm sure it is not just these countries, as I can see that Filipinos usually do their jobs 101% in whatever part of the world, Filipinos has got this caring and compassionate nature, that the ...
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Really huh! One of the most popular destination nowadays of nurses are either Australia, UAE or New Zealand. Some of my colleagues are now based in New Zealand which most of them took a student visa before they were able to take permanent jobs in the nursing facility. It is a heart warming reading this article that Filipinos are one of the most preferred healthcare provider. I am just wondering if how much population did they use to have this conclusion. Being hospitable is a trademark of every ...
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