10 things that make Sweden family-friendly

10 things that make Sweden family-friendly

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Swedish society is very family-friendly, offering many benefits for families with children. This facilitates achieving a healthy work–life balance.
22 Jul 2016 - General
Sweden promotes itself as a family-friendly country and it is a message that seems to be resonating. The Nordic nation is the world’s best country to raise kids, at least according to the roughly 16,000 respondents who filled out surveys for the 2016 Best Countries rankings. The rankings, aim to gauge global perceptions of the world’s biggest economies in terms of specific attributes associated with countries.
Countries perceived to be the Best Countries to Raise Kids, including Denmark, Can...
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In an article that was recently shared here in the community, a link caught my attention as it said that Sweden is the most progressive country. So, I tried to look into why it is considered "The most progressive". Read on the link that I shared. I believe it is from the Swedish government website. I am so surprised that parents are given 15months worth of parental leave after birth and the other benefits just go on and on. I hope other countries are like this one, as the tax that is t...
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