Children sometimes need to break the rules

Children sometimes need to break the rules

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Learning to know which rules can be broken is part of growing up, say researchers and experts
22 Jul 2016 - General
Inflexibility isn’t a good thing.It’s the disruption and parenting mistakes that help kids develop resilience. Excessively rigid parenting (“absolutely not, you cannot have that candy”) sometimes signals that parents aren't listening to their children’s needs. Sometimes it’s not about the candy but about needing the undivided attention of a parent.On the flip side, the aftermath of an argument with a child, a tantrum or a scene in public can provide a good opportunity for parents to reflect ...
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Thank you for taking notice of this post, Jennifer. Like you said, there is no set in stone rule for good parenting. And it is just reassuring to read or hear that to be a good parent is to be a parent who loves their children and be there for them. As much as I wanted to, like any other parents as well, I'd like her to grow up happy and healthy. I just feel so uncertain and scared at the same time on what the future is going to be, and most likely it will all be down to how she is brought u...
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Hi Kathleen, I am neither a parent or a parent to be but I truly want to be a parent some day..when is the big question. I think quite a few of us here who are active in the forum don't have children yet which is why your post has been left unanswered and only addressed with likes. What I can say to that from my experience with dealing with children, seeing my friends who have kids and from what I understand from psychology is this...there is no set in stone rule for good parenting. To be a ...
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What is your parenting style? This article is specifically address to users who are parents here and may be parents to be as well. It talks about Taking risks wisely and setting rules for your children. As a parent to a toddler nearly turning two, what I've noticed with her is she uses "crying" when we don't give in to what she wants. I don't know what is the right thing to do, whether to give in so she stops crying or let her cry so she knows that rules are rules, and no i...
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