Can Leicester City do it again?

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22 Jul 2016 - General

A surprise Premeir League 15/16 winner, Leicester City, no one has given them any chance at all in the begining of the session and they are 1 of the favourite to relegate to Champioship football !!! Against all odds, they kept their fighting spirit, match after match, week after week, and they won it in a fashionable way. But, can they do it again?? I would say most of people will not think so, maybe they are just lucky for once. I feel that if they can keep the current squad intact, like Mahrez, Vardy, Wes Morgan, Huth, Danny Simpson, Drinkwater, Shinji, and Schmeichel, and manage to find a proper replacement for Kante plus new signing of 1-2 quality players, then they will still be a force to be reckoned for fighting for the tiltle again. So, who is out there supporting Leicetser City for another year of surprise, possibly in Champion League football !!!!!

Haha, you don’t believe in another miracle in the making. If Leicester City continue the form and effective play like last season, they might have a chance to compete for the title. The only disappointment was Kante has left the team to Chelsea, not sure how effectively Claudio Ranieri can find the same quality replacement for him. I doubt so. And they haven’t get any high profile signing yet. As you said, Champion League might create another burden for them, especially is their squad is not tha...
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In their new capacity as winners, Leicester now have to embark on Championship League football which means extra fixtures in the midweek and Sundays that will see them travelling further and facing tough, European opposition. For example they are due to face Barcelona in August. A tall order for the Foxes. How are they going to cope with Suarez plus Messi plus the Brazilian guy. The team may have to spend more money in order to increase the squad size to stay as competitive as their contemporari...
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