Busting the cholesterol myth in eggs

Busting the cholesterol myth in eggs

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The consumption of eggs is part of the mainstream diet of many cultures, especially for those who live in the Asia-Pacific region where eggs are considered a delicacy. Although eggs are delicious and rich in nutrients, they are also infamous for being labeled as a high-cholesterol food.
22 Jul 2016 - General
What is already known on this topic. Cardiovascular disease affects millions of people in both developed and developing countries
As a major source of dietary cholesterol, eggs have been investigated by several epidemiologic studies in relation to risk of coronary heart disease and stroke However, whether egg consumption increases the future risk of coronary heart disease and stroke remains unclear
Consumption of up to one egg per day was not associated with increased risk of coronary he...
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Fortunately I had a an artery clogging dinner of 10 pieces chicken mcnuggets and large fries so I am good. hehe I remember over hearing a lecturer in another room just the other week say "do not blame the egg. The egg didn't do anything to you." So basically the article is telling us that we do not need to strictly implement cholesterol intake and not ask our patients to limit the eating of eggs. Though with that said it doesn't mean we allow them to go all willy nilly with the...
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This article is too vague, though. I always believed that too much egg=too much cholesterol and I honestly thought 1-2 eggs per day is fine. But then the study said no cholesterol risk was found on patients who had 4 eggs per week--and that's really not a lot, so what about if you have eggs everyday?

Finally, at the closing of the article it said that one egg per day would be safe, but also to keep things in moderation. So what is it really? I thought it was supposed to BUST choles...
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