China under fire for HIV patient data leak

China under fire for HIV patient data leak

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Beijing has drawn flak from the World Health Organization following the leak of personal information of HIV-positive individuals, which have been used by unscrupulous persons.
22 Jul 2016 - General
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Someone probably bought the list of HIV patient from an authorized person. According to the news I read, the scammer told the patient he can get subsidies for HIV treatment by calling a stipulated number which belongs to another province in China. Upon dialing the number, the person on the another line will request the patient to transfer a sum of money to a bank account. If the patient declines, he will be threaten exposure of his condition online unless the money is transferred immediately. Th...
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It is already devastating to be tested positive with HIV--to be swindled by heartless individuals because you are infected, truly awful. I hope they get to trace the source of the leak because they should put a stop to this. It does not only violate patient confidentiality, it destroys an already vulnerable patient. Possibly unstable, given their condition--imagine if you had to be forced to PAY someone for fear of having your secret exposed. And you know how blackmails work---when you give in o...
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