Health Risks of Sharing Microphones

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23 Jul 2016 - General

Singing on stage is a great experience.  It is up lifting and spiritual.  Being on stage makes us all performers. Singers, Broadcaster, Reporter and other people that use microphone in thier work are great risk of aquiring germs and viruses that can be passed on through microphones. It only takes few seconds before another person can caught symptoms of flu and cold transferred via microphones.

All microphones are used in front of our mouth. People spit on them, sneeze on them and handle the microphone from the top down.  If the person before you is sick, all of those germs and viruses can be passed on, even up to 48 hours after it was last used


·         Proper hand cleaning is the best way to prevent all kinds of infections.

·         clean your own hands properly especially after handling microphone.

·         If microphones are shared among group of people or passed on from one person to another, make sure to clean afterwards.

·         If you can afford possible, have your own personal microphone. You can buy cool cheap microphones and youll be miles away

    From grabbing the streptococcal bacteria.

·         During flu and cold season, get a flu shot.

·         If ever you sick, stay at home until you are well enough to face other people again.

This is an aspect most of the stage performers don't pay much attention to. I think latest and more expensive microphones come with removable/disposable bacterial filters, but how often those methods are used is doubtful. The duration that pathogens can survive in the environment can vary, and generally after a few hours many microbes become non viable. But sometimes we see, during the same performance, microphones go from hand to hand between different performers. This can be a serious risk...
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Yes I agree. Sometimes I see stage performed blowing into the microphone to produce certain acoustic effect and the next performer took over without any sort of sanitary procedure.
The length of time that cold and flu viruses can survive outside the body on an environmental surface varies greatly. But the suspected range is from a few seconds up to 48 hours, depending on the specific virus and the type of surface. Streptococcal bacteria are highly contagious. They can spread through airborne...
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