STUDY: Singaporeans want digitalised self-service healthcare instead of doctor visits

STUDY: Singaporeans want digitalised self-service healthcare instead of doctor visits

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Most Singaporeans are willing to replace face-to-face doctor visits with "virtual" visit technology. According to a new report by Accenture, Singaporeans are ready to accept self-directed healthcare driven by digital technologies, with more than half of them willing to use virtual-care technologies as a replacement for a face-to-face healthcare visit.
23 Jul 2016 - General
Nothing replaces the reassurance of human personal contact. While digitalized services, in any sector has its merits, in the healthcare setting, personal consultation remains more advantageous. For one, patient evaluation is more thorough. You can probe further into the history and you can perform physical examination. Most especially in my field, a standard neurological exam combined with a good history already enables you to diagnose more than half the time. Personal consultation allows the ph...
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This is obviously an article by the company to promote their information technological service for them to earn money. We all know that having physicians is a necessity instead of robots. Going back to the days when we were planning to apply medical school: a doctor's role is to treat sometimes, relief often and to comfort always. By using an artificial intelligence the humanistic portion of the art of practicing medicine will be gone. We do know that there a percent of smart Alecs in the po...
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I must agree that a single study involving 750 citizens does not really represent the ideas and opinions of a nation in general. However, the general line of though needs to be taken into consideration.
I see a lot of Information Technology personnel crowd in my city because of it being an industrial and educational hub. Nowadays, people 'google' for anything and everything. The reliability seems to be more on something which can be brought up on a search engine as compared to that w...
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Accenture is at it again. Publish studies of dubious reliability using their own questionnaire before coming to a self serving conclusion. They interviewed 750 Singaporean with stating their age, educational status and occupation and made the clams that "Singaporeans wants ....". This is a totally biased, questionnaire biased, observer biased, examiner biased and statistically insignificant finding. They made other claims that Singaporean are unsatisfied with the doctor visits and th...
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