Wenger vows to spend 'big money' on 'right candidates' !!! Would you agree?

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23 Jul 2016 - General

Arsneal is always the main title contenders for English Premier League title. Every year, there is a promising time period for Arsenal, that everyone think they will win it. But, their last title is more than 10 years ago,  which was in 2003-2004 season, in which they won it without a single defeat. Since then, they are alwasy the title contenders, always in the top 4 places, but never actually win it again. A lot of pundits have critised their transfer policy, with not enuogh proper quality players signing. They do have a few good signings intermitently, but was not enough. Now, with secured service of Granit Xhaka, and possible few more on the ways, do you think Arsenal will do enough during this transfer window to strengthen their squad to reach the top again??? 

@Ziwei Xie, I always thought that Arsenal is 1 of the popular team among the South East Asia region, maybe I am wrong. Although I am not a supporter for either Arsenal or Wenger, I do follow their match at time, and sometime their style of play will be quite entertaining, but a lot of inconsistency. Their tight budget at transfer is always the hinder for them to progress further. Maybe they should get a new manager, with a different approach. Haha, there are lot of Liverpool supporters out...
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Arsenal is not a popular team to support. IN Singapore, most people support Liverpool , Manchester united, Manchester city, Chelsea and even Tottenham and Everton. I walked into Anfield wearing my proud Liverpool Uniform 3 years ago and you can really feel you are not alone. The camaraderie spirit was hanging in the air and everyone knows we are there for Liverpool and nothing else matter other than we sticking together to see Liverpool through to the podium. I have nothing to say about Arsenal....
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