Meet Graham!

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24 Jul 2016 - General

Have you ever witnessed a car crash, been in one or lost any of your loved ones in a car crash. Have you ever thought to yourself, what if human were made to withstand and survive a devastating car crash? Well, meet graham. A humanoid designed to survive on the road. But I must tell you, he looks creepy as hell. Researchers at Australia's Transport Accident Commission (TAC) have worked hard to identify the key weaknesses in the human body when subjected to a car crash, and have designed this human like creature as 'a representation of what humans would look like if our bodies were designed to withstand the force of car crashes'
Go to the link, and brace yourselves for a mental crash!

I thought you are going to show us a congenital malformation. Graham looks more like someone who suffered an asteroid crash. How did you come about to know of such weird stuffs. Actually road traffic accident is no joke, It is the 3rd highest cause of mortality in my country. Most of the death are motorcyclist especially pillion rider. Not to mention, road traffic accident also result in a lot of morbidity. Will Graham survive a motorcycle crash? I think the most important point is cutting down ...
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I was shocked to see him as well. At first I thought it was a fictional character, like orcs in the movie "The lord of the rings". What these people have done to show the public that our bodies aren't meant to survive a crash is very impressive. Instead of a banner or poster that says "drive carefully" they are showing what kind of body you should have to withstand the massive deceleration force of a car crash. Anyone would rather drive with caution than being a monstrou...
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When I saw the picture I was thinking, "hmm what is this all about?" So read your post and went onto the website and checked out Graham. When that stone chair flipped around to show him in all his glory I was quite shocked. I jumped back a bit actually. He has a nose with no bridge and extra fatty tissue on his face. He has built in air bag on his chest between his ribs that form out into little breasts that shoot out some fluid(?) He has equine shaped legs so that he could spring out ...
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