Are we lacking of Empathy in clinical medicine??

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24 Jul 2016 - General

Working in healthcare care sector is highly stressful and demanding, and we are alwasy in a rush to get thing done !!!! It is quite possible that "doctors seldom response Empathically to concerns raised by patients". A lot of the time, the clincial practice is based on  "Find it and Fix it" clinical medicine. Few reasons like busy with clinical work, not enough time, need to rush for acute medical problems, emotionally exhausting, not enough traning in empathetic communication, and do not wish to open that Pandora's box, are why healthcare professionals don't focus on empthaty. I feel that as a physician, we should always treat patients as a person, not just an illness,and we should understand the non-medical aspect of their conditions. We need to know that patients value affective concern, they wish to be treated as a human/person, not an disease/illness,. Empathy will honours the patient, reduce patients' anxiety. Hence, I believe that empathay is a important component in our daily clinical medicine. Do you agree ?? Have you try to in-coorperate empthay in your daily approach to patientS?  

Treat the patient, not the X-ray. Treat the patient, not the disease. On this perilous journey to solve the problems of our patients we employ our medical knowledge and fire up all our neurons to choose the path that is best for them. Though we need to do this with kindness, care and empathy. I believe empathy is important as this helps the patient immensely. It is scary enough for the patient to go to the doctor about their problem that they do not understand. They need us to show that we care ...
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Why is a lack of empathy a perennial problem in clinical settings in the first place? Why the perpetual need for empathy education? Certainly not every profession has these hurdles, nor requires such measures.The job of any physician is part empathic and part problem solving. This constitutes an inherent trade-off in medicine because the human brain does not have infinite computational resources or time to perform both tasks equally well. One must be caring while also figuring out a proper diagn...
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