Underage sex and the city: why Hong Kong needs to get a grip

Underage sex and the city: why Hong Kong needs to get a grip

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Yonden Lhatoo looks at the reality of youngsters having sex early in life and the need for proper education unhampered by cultural taboos
25 Jul 2016 - General
I agree. These teenagers have an easy access to these kind of things like pornographic materials, the media, etc. And this makes it easy for them to be influenced by it, and you add to it the peer pressure. And I also think that these young individuals seeing some adults in public places showing their public display of affection, torrid kissing for example (which I would say I have seen a lot), also influences them and to them it is okay and acceptable. I really don't have anything against...
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When I was young, high school, puppy love for me was as it was told in books: sending notes, enjoying a nervous conversation on the phone, walking in the rain under an umbrella--very wholesome puppy love. In fact, when I was 17 years old and about to leave for London, I got my first kiss from the guy I liked when he visited me at home and gave me a his goodbye letter. But I wouldn't say that all teenagers my age were as wholesome as I because I knew of friends who had different relationships...
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More teenagers are becoming sexually active - with an increasing number thinking that it is normal for them to have sex.Nowadays, teens are more tech-savvy and some lack parental control. They are more experimental because of curiosity and hormones raging at that age. It could also be peer pressure."=Some in primary school are also watching pornography, which is damaging because they form unhealthy perceptions.They don't see losing their virginity as a loss. They see sexual experience a...
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As the world evolves and progresses, everything seems to be possible. And with that said, one of the greatest issue that most parents faces at present is underage sex and the youth engaging in public display of affection. Most Asian countries still consider themselves conservative and still has this cultural taboo up until now despite the evolution and changes in our society. And Hong Kong is no different. Hong Kong is a diverse country considering the flocks of tourists and expatriates with d...
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