Junk food tax gets nod from PH health group

Junk food tax gets nod from PH health group

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The next Philippine administration plans to impose additional taxes on junk food and health experts are only too happy to agree.
25 Jul 2016 - General
Oh I am definitely all for this. SIN tax is definitely going to be a good thing for junk food and softdrinks. These are evils to health and they are so easy to buy, so they're a part of everyone's life. Putting taxes on them will somehow regulate consumption--and at the same time, the taxes earned from these will help the poor. Whether it will be used to improve PhilHealth services or to provide health food to those in need, it brings a smile to my face. Somehow it brings the good in thi...
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Comparing it to the Philippines definitely fresh produce or healthy food is cheaper than buying from fast food joints. Our poor are definitely not obese. The poorest of the poor never even set foot in a fast food joint. Our poor are under nourished as they lack the finances to buy adequate amount of food. Depending though on where the poor person lives they get a different set of nutrition. If they live out in the rural areas where they live off the land or sea they are relatively better nourish...
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Hopefully Phillippine can implement it and set as a study example for other nations. Several studies suggest that high taxes (≥ 20%) may lead to measurable decreases in obesity on a population level, particularly if combined with additional interventions (e.g., healthy food subsidies, health education).These considerations are important and may be especially relevant for obesity prevention in high-risk populations. Although unwilling politicians may oppose them, high taxes would have the greate...
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