Instant noodles could boost heart risk in women

Instant noodles could boost heart risk in women

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Instant noodles are cheap and convenient lifesavers for those who are too busy to prepare a proper meal and those who are on a tight budget. But there’s a caveat.
25 Jul 2016 - General
Eating instant noodles too frequently is always not a good diet. Although it is very convenient, cheap to prepare, and possibly delicious, it is not a healthy option to replace the regular meal. It is interesting that the Harvard study has showed that women eating instant noodles at least twice a week were more likely to have metabolic syndrome. Again, another South Korean study has re-affirmed the association of instant noodle consumption and metabolic syndrome. Hence, in general regular consu...
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This subject will be better explained and analyzed by dieticians. My own view is, instant noodle is high in carbohydrate, monosodium glutamate, saturated fats and lack vitamins, fibers and protein. Not a good source of nutrition. Promotes hypertension, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. It is probably high in preservative as well to unknown health risk if taken for prolonged period. It is commonly taken by Asian as a form of tasty, instant and cheap source of food which unfortunately causes ma...
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