Is Eating Raw Eggs Safe and Healthy?

Is Eating Raw Eggs Safe and Healthy?

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Eggs are one of the world's healthiest foods, but is it safe to eat them raw? Learn about the health benefits and risks of eating raw eggs.
26 Jul 2016 - General
I have never eaten raw egg because I never really liked the idea of having eggs raw. I love boiled and fried eggs, and even half boiled egg is fine with me, but the smell and the consistency of raw eggs is disgusting to me. My family and friends have been forcing me to eat/drink raw eggs saying that raw eggs are more nutritious than boiled eggs. I also used to believe that, because I though boiling eggs denatures the proteins and it reduces the quality of egg proteins. But apparently I have been...
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Nowadays we seldom see unpasteurized egg. In Singapore, we have a culture of eating soft boil egg mixed with soy sauce for breakfast. Fortunately the eggs are all pasteurized. I think it is safe to eat raw egg as long as it is pasteurized, clean on the surface, unbroken and stored less than 40 degree Farenheit. I doubt nowadays anyone will crack open an unpastuerized egg and eat it uncooked. Even without salmonella, the thought of where the egg came from is a total turn off. Lets continue to enj...
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Raw eggs do have all the same benefits as cooked eggs.However, protein absorption is lower from raw eggs, and the uptake of biotin may be prevented.Most concerning is the small risk of raw eggs contaminated with bacteria leading to Salmonella infection. Buying pasteurized eggs will lower your risk of infection.Whether eating raw eggs is worth the risk is something you need to decide for yourself. Just remember that very young children, pregnant women, elderly people and individuals with weak imm...
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Yes, eating raw eggs is likely to be harmful to our body, especially getting the salmonella infection through it. Salmonella infection can result in diarrhoea which can be severe, abdominal cramp, fever. Symptoms will usually occur 6 to 48 hours after eating the food contaminated with salmonella, like the raw eggs. Certain specific cohort of people, like elderly people, immune-compromised patients, pregnant women, infant and young children will get more severe form of disease, which can even be...
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