Chickens may help prevent malaria, but may cause salmonella

Chickens may help prevent malaria, but may cause salmonella

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If you can't fathom the smell of insect repellants, then taking care of, or sleeping with a chicken near you may shoo mosquitoes away. This suggestion by a study led researchers to discover that Anopheles arabiensis, one of the vectors of malaria in the sub-Saharan Africa, avoids chickens when looking for a meal of blood.
26 Jul 2016 - General
So it is a matter of deciding whether you will rather have Malaria or Salmonella, right? :D Personally if I were given the choice I would pick Salmonella. And that is for two reasons. I would rather have some chicken running around my house instead of a bunch of a few hundred mosquitos. At least the chicken won't bite. Secondly, malaria is one of the diseases I greatly fear to have. I have seen how patients with malaria suffer. Although it is a small parasite in a small red blood cell that i...
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New insect repellent coming. Wonder what is the chemical in play. Find it, synthesize it and produce it and we get a new repellent. Or more practical may is to rear chicken in the house. Put a few frogs and lizards in the house we can practically mosquito proof our house. I wonder is this chicken "essence more effectïve than premethrin or do they have additive insect repellent effect. When we hike in jungle, we use to soak our clothes in premethrin the day before and hang it dry. This ...
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The natural way of mosquitoes repellents is having chicken around your house !!! It is indeed an interesting finding to show that likely the chemical or odour from the chicken can keep the mosquitoes away. Having chicken around the house can be easily done and very practical, but it does increases the risk of getting another infection which is salmonella infection, which can cause diarrhoea, fever and abdominal cramps up to a week. But such interesting finding will give the researcher the opport...
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