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Describing pain only in terms of its intensity is like describing music only in terms of its loudness.
Assessment of the patient experiencing pain is the cornerstone to optimal pain management. However, the quality and utility of any assessment tool is only as good as the clinician's ability to thoroughly focus on the patient. This means listening empathically, believing and legitimizing the patient's pain, and understanding, to the best of his or her capability, what the patient may...
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Thank you xi wei for your explaination.Im more reffering to somatic pain which is pains from the skin and muscles are easily localized by the brain because these pains are common. People have experienced general somatic pain since childhood when the person has fallen or been hit by a person or an object. Normally, somatic pain resolves in a few days.
Some people develop pain that never goes away. Fibromyalgia and chronic back pain can be in this category.
General somatic pain is often tr...
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Pain management is a really broad topic. What type of pain are you referring to? Management depends on the nature of the pain. They can be broadly classified into visceral, somatic and neuropathic. Generally pain management should follow WHO step ladder appraoch.
• Visceral – this is most commonly related to partial or total bowel obstruction, hepatic capsular
distension; the character is deep pressure-like, cramping, dull or aching pain;

• Somatic – this is skin or musculosk...
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