Critical business skills for career advancement

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26 Jul 2016 - General

During my 4 years of Pharmacy school I wasn't really exposed to the business aspects of Pharmacy except for one brief module which I've since forgotten. 


After 6 years of working, I've come to realise that while professional skills and knowledge are key differentiators, I also lack business acumen. I believe there are many critical business skills that are lacking such as marketing skills, leadership skills, business development, negotiation skills and more. Traditional pharmacist roles are becoming less available and most times the career pathway will stagnate over time.

What are some skills that you think can benefit a pharmacist or healthcare professional in the current career climate? 

Education system in India does not equip a person to pursue a good vocation and more often than not, the education does not ensure that you are able to work in a good job or run a profession or business of your own. The soft skills of personal communication, marketing and social netwroking are not taught in schools, neither are they given importance in professional courses. A person will learn them outside of his curriculum by takingpart in various extracurricular activities and sports which wil...
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I think the most important skill is personal relations skill and information technology skill. Establishing rapport with patients, clients, supplier, landlord, investors is crucial for a profitable business and future expansion plan. Everything work process is moving online now, having a flair for information technology allows you to move you business online without the need to tie up with other companies or hiring programmers etc. Of course, been a doctor, having a good reputation and good sk...
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