How to make sport enjoyable

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26 Jul 2016 - General

Most people are either too busy or lazy to exercise.  How to make sport enjoyable?


Sport and exercise are two different things. If you have passion for a port, you will enjoy it despite of all problems. If you are forced to paly a sport or do an exercise for health or fitness purposes, you are more likely to default on that. That is the reason why you should be involved in multiple activities pertaining to exercise and fitness, so that the boredom factor does not set in. One should be able to choose what kind of activity would be enjoyable and it would be evident that one woul...
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Human are driven by measurable metrics. While sports makes us 'feel better', 'look fitter' and 'stay alert', these are intangible effects of exercising that we cannot measure.

In a digitized world, wear-ables are now tracking our every step, calculating calories burnt from activity. Much like playing games and unlocking achievements, we are encouraged by shorter, achievable milestones that can be monitored.

Sharing every activity on social feed has also...
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