Mobile phones and infectious diseases

Mobile phones and infectious diseases

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As of 2015, Singapore ranked highest globally for smartphone penetration, and the highest for mobile phone usage typically within the ages 25-34. This is a significant age group as it commonly encompasses medical students, residents and other doctors-in-training. But the potential of these phones carrying infectious diseases is actually a lot higher than any of us would like to believe.
26 Jul 2016 - General
Mobile phones are here to stay and they have become a part and parcel of our professional lives. Unfortunately, not many people are aware that they harbour a storehouse of microbes. A clinicain would be handling patients and mobile phones at the same time. it is not possible to separate and seclude the phone from the clinical environment. The age-old practice of handwashing or hand disinfection should be useful to prevent transmission of these microbes from the clinician's phone to the patie...
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