Head trauma and other injuries suffered in contact sports

Head trauma and other injuries suffered in contact sports

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The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been sued by over 50 of its former wrestlers who allegedly suffered brain damage that developed due to the accumulated effects of regular and routine impact on the fighters' heads during their WWE careers.
26 Jul 2016 - General
In the case mentioned about wresters filing a legal complaint against WWE, in my opinion, wresters will lose. From the medical perspective neurodegenerative diseases are multifactorial. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a diagnosis of exclusion and is largely based on a person's subjective history of head injuries. Objective studies such as Imaging studies (CT scan/MRI) will not be able to differentate this from other encephalopathic processes secondarily caused by hypertension, diabetes ...
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Sports-related brain injuries can unfortunately happen in countless ways. A football player can sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a head-to-head collision. A cheerleader can fall on her head during a basket toss. A skier can smash into a tree. A skateboarder can lose control and fall against a curb.In the last several years, sports and concussion have received a lot more attention and scrutiny so much so, that rules in certain games are changing, and laws are being implemented to keep at...
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