5 ways parents can reinforce good handwashing habits in kids

5 ways parents can reinforce good handwashing habits in kids

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Studies have increasingly shown convincing evidence that improved hand hygiene would lead to fewer healthcare-associated infections. The good news is, worldwide, hospitals have been reporting marked improvements in hand hygiene practices in recent years. This is in part due to aggressive campaigning and general public awareness in preventing infection.
26 Jul 2016 - General
Hand hygiene is extreme important in healthcare settling, in order to prevent the transmission of hospital acquired infection to patient. There is always on-going compulsory infection control course in hospital for healthcare professional, to promote and maintain the good habit of hand hygiene. A proper hand washing is need before and after we attend to a patient or patient’s surrounding. Cultivate such a good habit from young is quite essential. Young children should be educated about the impo...
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I believe that parents need to instill good habits on a child. When they're young and in their habit-building years, you need to make all of these a part of their lives, so that they will bring it with them as they grow up. Of course, their adult decisions will eventually override your programming, but the foundation you set will weigh heavily. This is true not just for hand washing. This goes for overall hygiene, which includes tooth brushing and flossing (yes since I am a dentist), praying...
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Teaching children about hand washing early in life is important. Hand washing prevents the spread of diseases which make children sick. When kids learn early in life, hand washing is more likely to become a habit they’ll practice for the rest of their lives.Children are ready to learn about hand washing when they are still very young. Most children develop the ability to wash their hands independently by about three years of age. Before that you’ll need to help them wash their hands (or for babi...
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