Factors that make people more prone to bug bites

Factors that make people more prone to bug bites

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If you think you are getting bitten by mosquitoes more often than other people, it is not just your imagination. Experts explain that there are certain biological factors that make individuals more attractive to mosquitoes, thus making them more prone to mosquito bites.
26 Jul 2016 - General
First of all, mosquitoes are a rare critter. Most animals on this planet, when threatened by a larger animal, tend to flee. Mosquitoes on the other hand are a very aggressive little beast. If you try to swat them, they very often go into hyperdrive. Flying very fast, trying to avoid your swat and still trying to bite you. They are now on notice that you are a threat to their survival. Additionally, like a pack animal, if they are in a swarm, they will furiously attack a host -sensing that there ...
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It has indeed been a confusing thing for me that my wife is more troubled by mosquito bites than me, despite sleeping in the same room. I also do not need a mosquito-repellent most of the times, whereas my wife and daughter use it regularly. This article explains the reason, that mosquitoes would be attracted to people with certain factors in their body sweat and body temperature and some persons may produce natural mosquito-repellents. On a serious note, mosquito-borne diseases are a big menace...
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