Good Storage Practices of medicines

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26 Jul 2016 - General

I am Vikash working in International Medical organisation for medical items procurement. I have been dealing with many supplier/Manufacturer as same in dealer or retailer, Most of the seller dont follow the storage conditions. I have seen very few dehumidifier in warehouse. Online supply / Home delivery is worst, delivery boy takes medicine at 45-47 degree celcius and humidity only God knows. so how can you be sure about the efficacy of medicines espeially in case of AntiBiotics, hormones etc. at high temp. mostly molecular bond starts to delicate and do the accelerated reaction and finally shelf life of product decreases drastically.

My dear patient and user, please ask about storage condition to your seller. It is your right, this is only way to push the system.

If you live in particularly a hot climate and do not have air conditioning, you may want to consider keeping your medicine in the refrigerator, but consult a pharmacist to make sure this is safe. Peak says, "If the alternative temperature is extreme (for example, over 105 degrees F), the danger of the extreme heat altering the medication is probably greater than the risk of the cool temperature altering the medication. However, there are some medications, especially certain liquid medicatio...
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