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26 Jul 2016 - General

Recently there was a debate in the Indian media and regulatory system when the Government allowed people to procure medicines online. There were dedicated websites which were developed and they enabled people to upload their prescriptions online and purchase the drugs. This was met with hue and cry from the retail pharmacists who were not happy with the Government for this decision. They thought that it would affect their sales. 

Different apps are now available, which enable a person to get his medicines without having to visit the drugstore and most of these websites or apps also offer considerable discounts on the medicines. A variety of options of brands are also offered to the patient. The retail pharmacists and medical shops were unable to get the government to disallow the sale of medicines online.

In today's internet age, the scenario of things and practices in buseinesses are going to rapidly change and sopme may undergo a paradigm shift. One has to keep in mind all these nuances and learn to adapt to the different circumstances. The internet, app-based and online sale of things is here to stay and people are going to prefer buying online to buying in retail stores, whenever it is feasible.

The app or websites will not deliver the medicines till the prescription has been verified. The various brands of the drug would be available for the patient to view. The names of the companies manufacturing and marketing those brands will also be provided. The patient would anyway be explained by his or her doctor as to how the medicines should be taken. No person would order injectable from a website. This holds true only for tablets and ointments. As far as I can imagine there should be no p...
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Buying prescription medicines on the internet might seem like a good idea but there is no way of knowing how safe these medicines are or if they will work properly. At best, you could simply be wasting your money. At worst, these medicines could cause you serious harm. Here are some of the many reasons why you should never buy prescription-only medicines online. Dangers to your health Even if the medicine you buy online looks the same, there is no guarantee that it is genuine or that it is the...
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