Protecting your hearing

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26 Jul 2016 - General

Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common work-related illnesses in workers encounter noise exposures loud enough to be potentially hazardous. In addition to hearing loss and other hearing disorders, prolonged exposure to noise can increase cardiovascular health risks, affect workers' quality of life, and carry a high economic price to society.

Loss of hearing can be ruled out of the scenario if proper preventive measures are taken into consideration. Having your ears check regularly and staying away from loud music will help a lot in taking care of your precious ears.

Always use proper and tested head set or earpiece  and do not put volume too high as it may damage your ears seriously. Yu can have a look at different cool and great pieces
 . When exposed to loud sounds excessively, you can freely use earplugs to protect your ears and take a break from such surrounding.

Avoid using pointed objects, cotton buds or even over-the-counter ear drops in cleaning your ears. These may damage your ears or may lead to serious ear infection. Rule of thumb, leave your earwax alone.

Noisy appliances contributes in damaged ears. Do not run those appliances all at the same time. Put your washing machines or any other noisy appliances in rooms with doors so you can close it every time it's running.

Before taking any medication consult your doctor or pharmacist as some drugs can harm your ears.


Yes i totally agree noise induced deafness is one of the most common work related diseases. Actually it is one of the most common because in many countries, yearly audiometry is mandatory by law for any workers who are exposed to noisy workplace environment. I will put the commonest as work related musculoskeletal disorder which is under diagnosed. How many of us here suffer eye strain or lower back pain or neck and shoulder pain as a result of prolonged work in front of our computer? IN Singapo...
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