Personalized Medicine

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26 Jul 2016 - General

The usage of medicines is getting incressed and refined along with time. It is more important now to make them personalized. Because of :

Changing food habits (towards BAD) (fast food) (Not having a naturally avilable balanced diet. refining more than necessity resulting filling bellies resulting mal-nutrition and obesity)

Changing Environment (Increase in all kinds of pollutions)

Changing life-style (irregular diet and sleep against biological clock. lack of execrcise because of over-usage of automation. And all kinds of habits hampering health.)

Increase in (new/existing) aliments

Now as

the era has reached the stage of identifying the actions, reactions, effects and ripple-effects at gene level,(even though a lot has to be done)

even Everyones bodys' constitution is different.

It is relevent to work on the Personalized medicine, in order to keep the immune system intact and reduce the unneccesery usage