Embracing Stress: Why it can be good for you

Embracing Stress: Why it can be good for you

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It is not uncommon to find many healthcare professionals expressing dissatisfaction and frustration over their stressful career, despite the fact that being in the medical field is regarded an elite profession by our society standards.
26 Jul 2016 - General
Stress, although vaguely defined is commonly cited in medical literature as something that has a negative physiologic effect to the body and may be contributory to disease. This is part of looking at diseases in accordance with the biopsychosocial model, wherein psychological factors and social conditions are factored in to the development of the disease. As the Dr You Yi mentioned, stress in an inevitable part of life. Because of this, one has to find ways in coping with stressful states to avo...
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Stress is always the component and part of daily life for healthcare professionals. Dealing with challenging complex case, with acute medical/surgical emergency, with challenging patient/family, with huge work-load, and always under time constraint, can be part of the stressful in the daily life of healthcare professionals. As the article has pointed out, we should embrace the inevitable stress as part of life, and should not response negatively to the stress. We should perceive the “stress” as ...
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