Which city/country ? Guess from the photo and clues given :)

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26 Jul 2016 - General

Sometime, we need some distraction from clinical medicine. So, please guess which city and country from this photo ???? Clues - This is one of the friendliest city/country in Europe. There is a special name for this unique tram-like mode of communication that connectes the city. This country produces 1 of the best stout in the world, if you are into drinking stout, but not too excessive !!! Typical weather will be "four seasons in a day", although it does have distinctive four season. The people in this country would love the sunshine; a sunny day will be a great day out maybe with few pint of beers. So, please guess :)

Well done Ziwei, yes it is Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Actually, this is not a great photo representative of Dublin at all. They call it “4 seasons in a day” is because of the very unpredictability of its weather, which can change anytime. The tram-like mode of transport is called “LUAS”. And the people in the country are the most warm and friendliest among the European countries. Yes, alcohol is kind of like social beverage, with lots of bars or restaurants bars around. And lastly, with...
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Looks like UK. Some part of UK got trams. When you mention "4 seasons in a day" , it actually means Melbourne but it is certainly no where near Europe. Guinness stout must be the stout you are referring to. Guinness is an irish dry stout. Tram can certainly be found in ireland. Friendliness wise, Scottish and Irish are the most friendly and they cannot do without alcohol. The only city I know of in Ireland is Dublin. My have been to Edinburg and I have never seen a tram before so unli...
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