Stress and Mental Health

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26 Jul 2016 - General

These days particularly in developing countries like India, there is lot of mental stress on majority of population of students and professionals related to their professional and personal life. Everybody trying to be on top. Due to ever changing lifestyle, daily needs are increasing. To meet with these needs everyone is trying very hard.

But sometimes this excessive stress stars to take toll on your mental health. It may cause depression, anxiety and panic attacks. These symptoms may disturb your life to larger extend also. If you are one of them then please realize it as early and understand that these are not symptoms of weakness. But these are signs of having tried too much and too long. Almost everyone is going through this situation in our lives. If you are going through situation like this then my friends let me know you, you are not alone and you are also not weak. It’s just matter of time and everything is going to be ok. Just make sure give some time to yourself, and rearrange your priorities as per your strength. Talk to yourself, put all negative thinking aside and start positive thinking. Take break from your hectic schedule. Start doing some meditation. It’s not serious but don’t ignore or  it will become serious….

I think a lot stress comes particularly from work. Have you heard of the Karasek's Model. It shows the interaction between job decision latitude and job demand. The interaction between this 2 factors can decide the risk of psychological strain and physical illness Another popular model is call the Frankenhauser's model. The latter is also known as effort-distress model and it shows how the level of work demand and level of distress at a job can cause change in adranaline and cortisol pro...
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Stress is part of our life. Working in the healthcare sector can be particularly stressful. We know that having stress in life in an inevitable event. The important thing is how do we cope with the stress, and how do we reduce the stress. From my personal experience, daily jobs in hospital can be stressful, but we should not bring the stress back home. Once step out from hospital, we should try to forget our job, and focus on family, friends, and things that we enjoy doing outside hospital settl...
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