Conservative Guidelines for non healing chronic diebetic foot

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27 Jul 2016 - General

While seeing chronic no healing pt I have come to across to prblm that some time few pt are not willing for surgery. They insists for a better antibiotics which they can use for a prolong time .its very difficult to counsel them that most drug gets resistant if use for a longer period then recommonded .i need a better guideline hoe to tackle such situation 

Need more information. The reason for the non healing ? Poor arterial supply, venous inufficiency , malignant change or pressure point? What surgery are you intending to send the patient to? How is the arterial supply? How is the lower limbs using an lower limp ABI/TPI. Do you intend to send him for arteriography as well as bypass graft or stenting ? I suggest you send him to a vascular surgeon to see if the leg can be salvaged. The concern will be if he develop septicemia from an infected woun...
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