Researchers have developed 3D movie screens that don't require glasses

Researchers have developed 3D movie screens that don't require glasses

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A prototype display, developed by the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) together with Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, lets audiences enjoy a 3D movie in a movie theatre, minus those pesky 3D glasses.
27 Jul 2016 - General
@Ziwie We also have a couple of theaters that show movies in 4D. We also have one or 2 places that label themselves as "5D cinema"s. Apart from the motion and vibration of the seats to give the audience the feeling that they are in the same situation as the movie character, they also add other sensory effects like heat, cold, water droplets and smells to give the closest experience to what's happening in the movie. Those are not as popular as 3D movie theaters, but I guess experien...
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That is surely something to look forward to. Imagining watching Lord of the Ring battle scene and castle siege on the big screen or Jurassic park! Price is probably not a big factor if there is such available service. I will rewatch every single movie 3D. Maybe in the next decade we can have 4D experience as well. The glasses were not comfortable at all you are right. I already have spectacle and it is awkward to put on another layer of glasses. Is this big screen available anywhere is the world...
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Are you also a movie enthusiast who loves seeing your movies on a big screen in 3D? Well here is some great news. With this new technology researchers have been experimenting with, we can enjoy the movies in 3D without the hassle of wearing 3D glasses. Wearing glasses was not very uncomfortable to begin with considering the amount of reality it brings to the picture we are watching on a big flat screen, but having the same or even better experience with our own eyes, without any glasses, that is...
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