Sitting down for this amount of time may harm your heart

Sitting down for this amount of time may harm your heart

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Do you know the maximum time you can sit each day before sedentary time begins to increase your risk of such cardiovascular diseases as stroke, heart attack and coronary heart disease?
27 Jul 2016 - General
It showed that prolonged time spent at sitting in a day, from 10 hours a day onwards, will increase the risk of having cardiovascular disease like stroke, and ischemic heart disease. For people who is working in the office, they may easily reach the 10 hours a day, taking into the consideration of commuting in a car or public transport to and from work, and sitting down for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The suggestion of stand-up work stations seem like a feasible solution. I would also suggest t...
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Actually, you can still try to engage your muscles to workout even while sitting or at work. A year ago, I lead a sedentary lifestyle. I gained 10kg and my clothes got a little tighter to wear.

I promised myself that I'll lose the weight that I gained, even though my lifestyle keeps me from doing so. I changed little habits to at least somehow "workout" while working. I started to run, first for 30 mins, then to an hour and a half, then shifted my goal to distance and spe...
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