Is lemon water detoxification diet effective?

Is lemon water detoxification diet effective?

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The lemonade diet promises reinvigoration and detoxification in 10 days after consuming only lemon water, salt water, and laxative tea. Despite the promise, however, some experts remain skeptical of the chic detox plan.
27 Jul 2016 - General
The lemon water diet plan is never a good plan for diet or weight loss. As the Harvard experts have clearly pointed out that this lemon water diet plan is similar with prolong fasting, and has no real health benefit. The amount of weight loss during the period of time on the lemon water diet can easily gain back once normal eating is resumed. And there is a risk of having metabolic acidosis with this diet plan. I would say the best way to lose weight will be the sustained effort of daily diet co...
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Diet and health is a complete lifestyle change...not sure what your diet is like around the detox, but a regular healthy diet is a must if the detox is to be of any lasting benefit...also as already mentioned most of the weight loss is due to the low is also good to keep in mind this is not a weight loss diet (although it can help in the long run combined with other things) this diet is to clear our your intestines and organs of all the built up gunk. My family carefully rations a ...
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