Fictional stories help improve one’s empathy

Fictional stories help improve one’s empathy

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People who read fictional stories like novels tend to show more empathy, according to a review published in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences.
27 Jul 2016 - General
I completely agree with this article. But I never realized, that this is probably the reason I am how I am. When I read, I get totally involved with the characters in the book. When they're nervous, I am nervous---and when they're strategizing, I am solving puzzles in my mind as well. Sometimes, when I'm away from the book, I notice myself worrying and I'll realize I'm worrying for the characters---fictional characters. Anyway, my sisters call me 10-steps ahead Crickette (Cri...
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"By creating a social world and allowing readers to get involved with the characters, these fictional stories help promote empathy and understanding."- I completely agree with this. In reading a fictional book you get to explore the minds of other people. In seeing how a character reacts to another and how their emotions are stirred by the events of the story we get a better understanding of other's behaviors. Empathy streams from understanding and to be able to understand others w...
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