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27 Jul 2016 - General

Its high time that doctors seriously give their fair opinion about vaccines. For this, we need major contribution from Paediatricians. Its a known fact that vaccines are double edged sword and recent studies have shown adverse effects of vaccines.

Just for few dollars, we jeopardizing the heatlh of future generation. Let's be fair and leave aside greed for money, just for Pharma companies profits we cannot put at risk the life of new borns. So much debate going on the abrupt rise of Autism, some relate it to use of newer vaccine and some don't. We as doctors have to come out strongly and take a very fair decision. If the use of vaccine endangers the safety of the kids so lets not use it! I have come across many patients and for that matter doctors who have stopped vaccinating their kids. When asked for vaccination schedule, they bluntly say no, we do not administer vaccines to our kids.

Unless, we come out strongly on this topic, even the necessary vaccines will be missed out by parents who have lost all hope in the system.

I feel doctors shy off from this topic.. I had once attended a seminar - the topic was a debate on vaccines. Was a good session but what disturbed me was, the doc who was debating against the use of vaccines and had very strong and valid points to justify his talk concluded by saying although i have been advocating against the use of vaccines, it was just for the debate purpose otherwise Im too FOR vaccination.

I really think that trying to communicate the risks of vaccination is not effective. When discussing vaccine injury, many will callously reply: “Being injured by a vaccine is much better or safer than dealing with the illness.” Social bullying is the route to take now for people who don’t vaccinate or who limit vaccination (why would anyone want to be around someone who is unvaccinated?
When confront with the truth that vaccinated people still contract the illnesses, the response is a progra...
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